A WOW at every party.
We'll repeat it for you. A car order directly from the manufacturer, but with exclusive prices. To be exact, discounts of up to -78% below market. Give your friends an exclusive tip and get attractive money and gifts.


Look out! Your friends, acquaintances and colleagues will certainly want to save up to 78% on their next new vehicle. Therefore, you recommend us at least 2x further and you receive at least 500 euro. If you have already purchased a vehicle yourself through us, you will receive a monthly subsidy of 110 euro for your leasing instalment. Create more recommendations, get more! For 3 recommended cars you will already receive 1000 Euro and 110 Euro subsidy for your leasing rate.

But watch out! You must give at least 2 recommendations for the full bonus for at least 2 consecutive months in order to receive the respective bonus of 610 x 2 or 1110 x 2 Euro for both months.

We have again placed a simplified graphic for you below. If you have further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our support. 

For all those who want more: Below you will find a link to our presentation. Some of our customers make several thousand euros each month by simply posting on social media.


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